Mårten was born in Uppsala. After studying mathematics and getting his foundation in photography in Sweden he moved
to Australia to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography from RMIT in Melbourne.
With drawing and painting as his creative foundation in combination with mathematics he describes himself as a structured, meticulous minimalist.
Always influenced by geometry, he strives to simplify and strip out the unnecessary to leave space for the crucial in the scene.
He finds balance in his images through solid platforms of colour, negative space and line suspensions within the frame.
Constructed environments or natural scenes, harmony and stillness is always key.

He is currently based in Stockholm.

Clients include: Artek, Abstracta Soundscapes, Apoteket, H&M, IKEA, Magasinet Rum Design, Netflix, Nordiska Kompaniet, Nordea, Lammhults,
Scandinavian Airlines, The East India Company & Volumental.